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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New book on Guts, Grace and Gusto for Women

Forget scripted reality TV shows! These stories are about real extreme make-overs, real survivors, real friends, real desperate housewives and real American idols - real women who have written their own life scripts. The Guts, Grace & Gusto Group, LLC is on a roll! Our new book, Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto: Fancy Footwork for the Woman’s Sole, will be published in November by Morgan-James Publishing, New York. A compilation of transition stories by women of their make-overs, do-overs and start-overs, along with Steps to Success and Practical Pointers. It is aimed at women over 40 who are traveling through life's transitions with Guts, Grace & Gusto who have learned about health, wealth and well-being along the way. It’s stories on work, on life, on purpose from women with high-heeled spirits in practical pumps.

Each chapter has an introduction of why this Heart Core message is important to gustomizing your life. Each chapter contains an average of 5 stories from women who have traveled through a life transition or reinvented, rediscovered and re-engineered their life in some way when faced with change either by chance or by choice. At the end of each chapter are Practical Pointers and Steps to Success to show the reader how to implement this Heart Core message into their lives. A perfect blend of information and inspiration on work, on life, on purpose. Here are the 10 Heart Core Messages:

Seize your destiny. What you do today makes a difference tomorrow.
Listen to your heart. Feed your spirit.
Cultivate nourishing relationships. Build a supportive network.
Say good-bye to guilt. Let go of perfection.
Live boldly with intention.
Create daily moments of delight.
Let your life be a work of art that showcases your gifts and passions.
Expect the unexpected & visualize your outcomes.
Meet life’s challenges with courage, faith & wisdom.
Believe in your worth and ability to manifest abundance.
You can read more about the authors and creators of The Guts, Grace & Gusto Group at or give us a call at 866.386.2896 to reserve your copy today. Stay tuned for our book launch party in Washington DC on 18 November – we’d love to see you there and we’d love it even more to see you buying cases of books for all your girlfriends for the holidays.